A listing of my conference talks.

Data Morph: A Cautionary Tale of Summary Statistics

Statistics do not come intuitively to humans; they always try to find simple ways to describe complex things. Given a complex dataset, they may feel tempted to use simple summary statistics like the mean, median, or standard deviation to describe it. However, these numbers are not a replacement for visualizing the distribution.

To illustrate this fact, researchers have generated many datasets that are very different visually, but share the same summary statistics. In this talk, I will discuss Data Morph, an open source package that builds on previous research using simulated annealing to perturb an arbitrary input dataset into a variety of shapes, while preserving the mean, standard deviation, and correlation to multiple decimal points. I will showcase how it works, discuss the challenges faced during development, and explore the limitations of this approach.

Getting Started with Open Source Contributions

The open source community is all about giving back and learning from one another. No matter how small, every contribution is valuable. And everyone can contribute something with a little bit of help. The hardest part is finding something to work on that fits your interests and skills.

In this talk, I will provide five ways that I used to get started contributing to different open source projects. I also share some guidance on selecting projects to contribute to and how to set yourself up for success. Get ready to start your open source journey!


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