Picture of Stefanie Molin.

My name is Stefanie Molin.

I am a full-stack software engineer and content creator, passionate about helping people of all levels improve their computer science and data science skills. I write books and articles, develop free workshops, and speak internationally at technology conferences.

I am an avid traveler based in the New York City metropolitan area. I prefer to travel internationally to explore the world, and I have traveled to 40 countries so far. My most recent trip was to Egypt and Jordan. I speak English and Spanish fluently, with some survival French. I would like to learn Italian.

I like love a good espresso (particularly, black, in a flat white, or in an espresso martini). My Nespresso machine is a workhorse. I have a wine collection (with a huge class imbalance favoring red). And as far as chocolate goes, I firmly believe that dark chocolate is far superior to milk and white. I've never been a fan of donuts or cared too much for bagels, and I can't stand the smell of bacon.

I enjoy listening to a variety of musical genres (in no particular order: disco, rock, 80s music, jazz, 90s/00s pop, classical, reggaeton, salsa), depending on my mood. I also enjoy reading fiction (it's another form of travel for me) – although, I don't have as much time for it as I would like.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Columbia University (BS in Operations Research). After graduation, I joined the workforce, but I still hadn't found my passion. Data science and computer science began to interest me more and more – particularly their intersection. Concurrently, I completed my MBA with Quantic School of Business.

Later on, I was recruited for a role as a software engineer with a heavy data focus. While in this role, I earned my MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

I currently work as a full-stack software engineer and couldn't be happier – I have found my passion.

Python is my programming language of choice. For front-end work, I use React (with TypeScript). This website is built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. I write articles and blog posts in Markdown. I also use Bash and SQL on a somewhat-regular basis and dabble in D3.js for interactive data visualizations.

If you would like to invite me to speak at your event or be a guest on your podcast, please reach out.

You can check out my blog to learn more about me as a person. There, I'll be writing about things I'm working on, music I'm listening to, the adventures and misadventures that happen during my travels, and more.