Knowledge sharing is a passion of mine. To date, I have delivered 28 presentations at conferences around the world. On this page you will find photos from past presentations, a map showing locations and dates of past events, some statistics about these events, along with a note about how I got started with these events. If you would like to invite me to speak at your event, please get in touch.

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To date, I have presented 28 times at conferences around the world. Click a πŸ“ on the map for more information on previous and upcoming presentations.


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My origin story

I used to be TERRIFIED of public speaking. After writing my first book, I was approached with an opportunity to speak at a virtual conference in 2021. I did want to conquer this fear, and the idea of it being virtual was a huge plus at the time. That first event proved to be a pivotal moment that helped me gain enough confidence to attempt an in-person event. It took several more presentations before I truly got comfortable, though.

Now, I absolutely love it! I get to meet and help people from all over the world by sharing my knowledge. I save each and every one of my conference speaker badges – they are my trophies, and conquering this fear is one of the things I am most proud of.

– Stefanie