A collection of books I have written.

Cover image of Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas (2nd edition)
Cover image of Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas (1st edition)


Not at all. However, while I was reading a lot of books to learn Python data science, I often thought about how I would do things differently (e.g., not use random data, show more realistic outcomes, incorporate computer science concepts, etc.). One day Packt reached out to me about writing Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas, and I signed on – it was a way to give back to the community. I wrote the book that I would have wanted when I was learning.

I think the hardest part is organizing yourself and creating a detailed outline of the book. Early on in the writing process for my first book, I learned that a list of 3-5 main concepts for a chapter was nowhere near enough to come up with 30+ pages of content. I needed to further break down each of those concepts to make a detailed outline for each chapter. I also set micro-deadlines for each of those subsections to make sure I would make the deadlines I had set with my publisher.

I learned to work efficiently and to quickly switch focus between my full-time job and working on my book. This was something that I found really helpful while pursuing my Master's degree, as well.

I also learned when to ask for and accept help – I could not have finished this book by myself. A big part of this help was asking for feedback. I had to learn to accept criticism and not take it personally, which can be difficult, especially when you've spent so much time working on something.

Yes! I'm not ready to share what I'm working on, but I do want to write another book.