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People have repeatedly told me that I should start a blog just to share some of my travel stories. After years of laughing that off, I've decided to do it. It won't just be a blog about my travels, but rather a piece of me:1 the person behind the books, articles, and workshops.

So, why now? Well, it took me a while to figure out my voice online. What do I share besides my educational content? Am I all business? Can I share topics other than what interests my target audience?

I've done interviews in the past that allow people to learn more about me. From the feedback, I've realized that people do want to learn more about the person behind the content. Until very recently, though, I had a very different relationship with writing and wasn't looking for another commitment. However, I've started writing about some emotionally-charged things in my life and have found it very cathartic.2 I enjoy a good laugh, so expect there to be a touch of humor in almost everything I share.

To this end, I am distinguishing articles (educational content) from blog posts (informal glimpses into my life). I hope you walk away from my website with knowledge and/or a good laugh.

Stay tuned.

  1. Yes, that was a Britney reference. Or, was it an Ashlee Simpson reference? šŸ¤”
  2. For obvious reasons, I won't be sharing anything too sensitive and will be anonymizing/changing details where appropriate. This blog will be "based on" my life.

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