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Last Easter, I shared Data Morph with the world. This year, I am continuing the tradition of a big unveiling on Easter. Learn more about my latest project in this blog post.

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I was thrilled to see that today's Google Doodle was "Celebrating the Flat White" – my morning coffee drink of choice. Curious, what makes it my favorite? You'll have to read this post to find out.

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The semester I spent as an adjunct professor was an eye-opening experience. If you want to find out why, you will have to read this blog post. No spoilers here. 🤫

Hello World!

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People have repeatedly told me that I should start a blog just to share some of my travel stories. After years of laughing that off, I've decided to do it. It won't just be a blog about my travels, but rather a piece of me: the person behind the books, articles, and workshops. So, why now? You'll have to read this blog post to find out.